HEX Engine (Big Data Analytics)


The software is 100% in-house developed by Vision Petroleum. Customization and personalization can be deliver quickly and fast. Furthermore, Krystal can be tweak and adjust based on user requirement or preference. Hence, Krystal is being continuously enhanced to meet the changing needs of clients. More features and additional custom charts are added to improve the user’s experience with the apps
The three cores of HEX engine are distributed databases, orbital interface and multiple charting module. Standardization of the apps internal architecture, makes it simpler and quicker to maintain. Whenever the HEX engine is enhanced, the new features will automatically be updated in all the apps

The data acts as fuel that runs the HEX engine. The shared databases also leads to standardized data QC and avoid data redundancy. The volume of data is kept light and tight, to establish high velocity data transfer. The HEX engine integrate all the apps to ensure the system is seamless. As Krystal is very accessible (simple, direct interface with users), it tends to have shorter learning curve, thus a higher adoption rates because the user experience is more intuitive. Since the user is already familiar to the apps system process and functionality, the learning process is accelerated. The low cost of entry of Krystal is especially significant considering the high cost of adopting technical software.

Data Analytics