Chemical Program Management

Deficiencies in managing chemical operation gives significant impact in terms of plant performance, revenue losses and safety. To achieve successful chemical program, the Oil Company must implement three objectives: 1) Manage chemical performance efficiently; 2) Reduce production cost with improved efficiency; and 3) Manage Health, Safety and Environment(HSE) diligently. With multiple complex operation, it is almost impossible to sustain high efficiency due to huge set of data increasingly accumulated everyday, aging legacy tools still in use, as well as human errors.

RUBY provides Oil Company with immense potential to be proactive by leveraging on-the-fly analysis capability, data quality control, and information ‘Line-of-Sight’. Thus, linking services excellence and efficiency through active management approach is made possible.



Wilson & Sons Co.



December 21, 2018


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Linking Services & Excellence

RUBY is an evolving software. We have been developing this app for almost 10 years. It all started with the idea of having an intelligent software for chemical program management. For 2 years, we ran feasibility tests to ensure the concept is reliable. In 2010, we started to build E-Form system, fine-tune the app’s performance, and launch a more efficient charting engine using updated algorithms.

For the next 5 years, we conducted alpha and simulation testings to ensure the app is robust, reliable and fast. RUBY was being continuously enhanced to add more features and intelligence in the algorithms, including additional custom charts and interactivity to improve the user’s experience with the app.